SAP Mentors Wallpaper

Around SAP TechEd 2008 in Berlin I realized that SAP actually created a dedicated logo for the SAP Mentors initiative and I started looking into using it for some art work. Once I gave it a try with my current wallpaper it worked out really well, so here they are.

Please remember only to download and use it if you really are a SAP Mentor :-)

A Colorful Bunch

Anne @yojibee posted a really great wallpaper on Twitter but it was missing something. I'm still not sure about the tagline so if you have a better idea, just let me know and I will do another version.

SAP Mentors - A Colorful Bunch

Fellow SAP Mentor Jon Reed @jonerp had this priceless idea for a tagline so here is the @jonerp special edition.

SAP Mentors - We Have Balls!

Fellow SAP Mentors Tobias Trapp @ttrapp and Thorsten Fenster @thorstenster are still working with 4/3 displays and they asked me to do a proper version for their legacy machines.

SAP Mentors - A Colorful Bunch Backport

Open Thinking

I had used the original wallpaper for some time, which has only the arrows on the dark background. Unfortunately I don't remember where I got it from because I would really like to give the original artist the credits he deserves. So if you know who did this, please drop me a mail.

SAP Mentors - Open Thinking

SAP Mentors - Open Thinking (Pixelmator Format)

Variations by Anne aka Yojibee

SAP Mentors - Open Thinking

SAP Mentors - Open Thinking

SAP Mentors - Open Thinking

SAP Mentors - Open Thinking

SAP Mentors - Open Thinking


Jon Reed, 2008/10/29 20:35
Sweet Variations! Which ones to choose? :) I went with different ones for different locations to make things interesting. Thx Oliver and Anna!
Jon Reed, 2009/06/03 21:56
I just spent 10 minutes trying to come up with a better tagline than "A Colorful Bunch" but much to my surprise, aside from a tasteless joke I already Tweeted, I can't come up with a better one right now. A Colorful Bunch is not bad at all. Maybe there is something even better but I think that does get across some of the personality and diverse views I respect and appreciate from this group. Thx Oliver (and Anne)!
Susan Keohan, 2009/06/04 03:41
Representing the SAP EcoHub Collaborating. Changing. Leading. Our Mentors work for you I dunno. I really like Jon Reeds, and I also like 'A Colorful Bunch'. Just throwing some other suggestions out there, I guess.
Daniel Graversen, 2009/10/16 18:11
Hi, They look really cool, I would like to use them as background. Can we also get 2010 versions of thise wall papers? I cannot use the 2009, version since I was not a mentor in 2009 Daniel
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