Ideas for Twitter Usage

Sharing of Consulting Leads

Lets say you are a consultant and get a project offer but you are currently busy and can't take it. Share it with a group of other consultants by posting it to a central Twitter account and all users following this account will get a notification.

To reduce the number of project leads forwarded to individual users:

  • Provide location for offered projects.
  • Provide location for your consulting activities.
  • Provide area of expertise.
  • Provide availability forecast.

Managed Access of Multiple Users to a Single Twitter Account

Web based application that provides tools to make a single Twitter account useable by two or more persons. Multiple users should be able to work at the same time, communicating to other Twitter users, monitor conversations by other user and provide discoverablity into the public message stream.

  • A list of approved worker is provided.
  • Twitter account of a worker is used as credentials.
  • Communication from all worker represented by one zentral Twitter account to the outside.
  • A worker can communcate with other Twitter users to gather information.
  • A worker can see the activity of other workers with the zentral account and their conversation partners.
  • A worker can access a list of real time search results for a list of keywords to discover upcoming conversations and information.
  • Messages are scanned for and tagged with keywords managed in a separate list to provide meta information for tag clouds etc.
  • Backchannel communication between workers is done by support of direct messages or by integration of a third party network like

Available Solutions

Two solutions showed up lately be recommendation of my followers but from what I've seen there is still space to innovate.


From their web page found here

What is TwittBot?

TwittBot is a service that allows multiple people
to publish to a single Twitter account, and for 
a single person to post to multiple Twitter accounts.


From their web page found here

BrightKit is the ultimate Twitter toolbox. 
With BrightKit, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, 
pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.

BrightKit lets you manage your entire Twitter experience 
from one easy-to-use interface.
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