Enterprise Cyclists

  • Name: Steve Rumsby
  • Twitter: (@steverumsby)
  • Company: University of Warwick
  • Bike(s): Dawes Giro 500: road/commuting
  • Goals: Commute to work all year round, want to do a 100-mile ride this year or next (did 100-km last year), planning London-Paris next summer, would love to do Land's End to John-o-Groats sometime…

  • Twitter: (@PHoefer)
  • Company: mindsquare
  • Bike(s): gudereit trecking bike and Canyon Nerve XC 9.0 MTB
  • Goals: Stay fit and have fun

  • Name: Michael Sims
  • Twitter: (@mike2003sims)
  • Company: SAP
  • Bike(s): 2006 Giant TCR C1 Great all-around road bike
  • Goals: Weekend rides around the Bay Area, occasional century rides

  • Name: Michael Bechauf
  • Twitter: (@mbechauf)
  • Company: SAP
  • Bike(s): Scott CR1 SL w/ DuraAce components for fast long-distance rides; Scott Alloy w/ Ultegra Triple for commuting and long-distance climbs; Ritchey BreakAway w/ Ultegra Triple for travel; Waterford Steel bike while I'm staying in Germany; Santa Cross Blur XC full suspension MTB
  • Goals: Stay fit, relieve stress and try to keep my weight down. Unfortunately, I'm passed the TDF age (and weight)

  • Name: Nigel James
  • Twitter: (@njames)
  • Company: AppsCom Limited
  • Bike(s): Marin Hybrid Commuter bike, general purpose
  • Goals: Fitness via Commuting - may lead into some longer events - used to ride marathons (1500km in 14 days) many years ago. Down the track perhaps LE→JOG.

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  • Twitter: (@twittername)
  • Company: Your company
  • Bike(s): Bike 1 purpose, …
  • Goals: What you want to achieve on your bike
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