GuidEd - SAP TechEd in Your Hand

Attending at SAP TechEd is an amazing experience and your chance to get hold on first class information about all the latest SAP technologies. But it can also be quite a struggle to manage your careful planed trip through the hundreds of technical sessions, see the most important events like Demo Jam while being up-to-date with all the back room talk and upcoming trends.

GuidEd is a first attempt to help you reach your ambitious goal.

GuidEd is a web based application made for the iPhone and Blackberry devices, designed to bring you important, up to the minute information at your fingertips. It gives you instant access to:

  • the full technical sessions plan, search able and easy to navigate.
  • a full list of important event at or around TechEd.
  • the latest TechEd related blogs on SDN.
  • a direct look into the latest talks about TechEd on Twitter.
  • all the photo impressions uploaded to Flickr and Picasa tagged with #sapteched and #sapteched08.

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