SDN Contributor Wordpress Widget

What is it?

SDN Contributor widgetSDN Contributor is a sidebar widget for the Wordpress blogging platform. It shows the name and total number of contribution points in SDN. The name will get linked to your SDN Business Card and the points number to a members Contribution Points page.

SDN Contributor can also list latest SDN blog posts for a member. Parts of the visual appearance are configurable e.g. to publishing date and description for each blog post.


2008-17-09: Version 1.2

  • Minor bug fix for a change in the SDN blog feed.

2008-31-07: Version 1.1

  • Update for Wordpress 2.5+.
  • Option “Links open in new window” added.


Latest Version:

Older Versions:


  1. Get SDN Contributor zip file & unpack it.
  2. Upload all included files to your wordpress plugin directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins tab.
  4. Go to Presentation/DesignWidgets and add SDN Contributor to your sidebar.
  5. Open the widget configuration and add your SDN BC id and/or your SDN blogger id.


  • Widget Title: Defines the title of the widget.
  • Your SDN BD id: Necessary to display your name on SDN and your total points. If left empty, your name on SDN and your total points won't be displayed.
  • Your SDN Blog Id: Necessary to display your latest SDN blog posts. If left empty, your latest blog posts on SDN won't be displayed.
  • Number of blog posts to show: Defines the number of blog posts to show up in the widget.
  • Show blog post date?: If checked the post date gets added to each post.
  • Show blog post description?: If checked the blog post description is printed.
  • Links open new window?: If checked links to your BC card or blog posts open in a new window or tab.

How it works

The available information is pulled from two sources:

SDN Business Card

Each registered member of SDN has it's own Business Card (BC), that displays some personal information (name, company, etc.), provides access to contributions on SDN (latest blog posts, earned points) and shows other information about this member. A BC is public accessible by a specific URL, which includes the encoded BC id of a member:

The first part of the URL up to the encoded parameter is fix to every BC. The value of the parameter “u” at the end is the BC id which is unique for every SDN member and which is needed by SDN Contributor to show the name and earned points on SDN.

Name and earned points are currently read from a site closely connected to the BC. It's called Contribution Points and it's also public accessible with a given BC id. The full URL to this site can be found on the Contributions Tab in a BC next to the number of total points.

SDN Blogs

Each registered member has the chance to become a blogger on SDN. Once a member has been approved he/she will get a blogger id and an own blogger page including a dedicated RSS feed for his/her blog posts only.

This is an example URL to SDN blogger RSS feed. It contains the blogger id as value for the parameter “x-author”. SDN Contributor needs this blogger id to build a proper feed URL and show a members latest SDN blog posts.

Additional Tips

How to get your SDN Business Card id?

Your SDN BC id encoded as the value of the only parameter “u” in its URL. To open your SDN BC, navigate to your profile page by clicking My ProfileUpdate Profile in the upper right corner of the SDN homepage. Its located next to your photo.

How to get your SDN blogger id?

Your SDN blogger id encoded as the numeric part in the value of the only parameter “blog” in the URL to your public author page. To open your public author page navigate to Blogs (top navigation) → Post a Blog (left navigation) → Your Author Page (public url).


The original idea came from a blog post on SDN by Guillaume Garcia where he had build a Yahoo! Widget to show off SDN points on the desktop.

Because I didn't had any knowledge about PHP before this it was necessary to use sources available in the wild.

Tiny URL

You can use this tiny URL to refer to the SDN Contributor Wordpress Widget.


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