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  • Shelfware and Tumbleweed. Or: “Millions of unused lines of code” - what we think about this statement by Greg Pike, SAP’s SVP of global communities and an ASUG board member? here is a link to Thomas Wailgum's blog post about this. I appreciate that this topic might be difficult to discuss for Oliver and Matt, but it's a topic that's floating round in my head at the moment. And there's always Sergio, Anne and myself to butt in.
  • jQuery Mobile - the way ahead for platform-independent, fast mobile app development? helpful links for further read about this are John Moy's 2nd SDN blog post here. Here's some basic jQuery Mobile documentation.
  • “Coming to a River near you soon: Javascript for the win?”. SAP's River - potential and use-cases. (I can't find the link to the webinar about River at the moment. Wasn't it public?)
  • now that SAP introduces River, what's the future of the Composition Environment (CE)?
  • RSS is dead - Is it? How to leverage RSS to stay on top of information overflow?
  • SAP-sponsored Twitter accounts SAP launched a pilot program to promote SAP as an employer by getting dedicted people twittering http://www.careersatsap.com/ ←- nice one, like it. I started following these employees now, just to get an idea… Michael
  • SAP's BYD SDK: Should it be partners-only?
  • Customise Me ! - a recent study shows that customisation of ERP systems appears to be on the up. Are “vanilla” and “best practices” just a myth? link to Panorama Consulting

Comments by Matthias:

  • (On a sidenote, I'd prefer to establish my full first name ;)) That's no secret. It's been feature-overflow in ERP and indeed we need to get rid of a lot od dead weight. i'd be ok to discuss topic 1 to some extent :)
  • Guess jQuery is going strong. Project Phoenix is based on it. Would def. need to do some further reading though. Barely scrateched the surface, yet I integrated a jQuery Twitter API on my blog the other day - piece of cake!
  • River. Sure… I personally favor the JS approach over the ByDesign SDK with the pseudo C#. The future of CE? May be one of my first “coffee-moments” - or maybe I will work on a cohesive messaging ;) I should be able to find the River webinar link among my twitter timeline, will get back to you on that one.

Comments by Sergio:

Comments by Michael:

  • Hey Matthias, sorry! I didn't mean to insult you… I know what you mean though: I don't like it when people “Mike” me straight away, so apologies. :)
  • I think topic 1 has a little bit more to it than just feature overflow. There'll be some output from me on this one soon, so stay tuned.
  • sounds like jQuery is a first entrant for episode 1. :)
  • I'd like to get something Flex-y into the mix for episode 1, too. Anne?

In general, I think there are also 2 further things we have to keep in mind:

  1. Ordered List Item we also have to be careful not to burn too many topics in one episode, pace ourselves!
  2. I think we shouldn't become to much like Enterprise Geeks. don't get me wrong, I love their stuff. I just think we should offer a different perspective.


We had a great talk this evening and some notes follow:

ByDesign and the App Store

SAP’s own app store http://de.sap.info/business-bydesign-suite-software-cebit/48553


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